Chassiers : a village with outstanding character

Listed as a village of character, this charming historical village exists since prehistoric times. The Roman chapel, the rusticated tower and other remains are evidence of its 12th century origins. At that time the village was part of a group of fortresses built around the local silver mines which were coveted by the Viviers Bishops and Toulouse Counts.

All along your tour of Chassiers you will find out more about its exceptional heritage and architecture.

The Saint Hilaire parish church is an outstanding monument. This fortified gothic church with a 180 ft high bell tower is listed as a historical monument.

The gorgeous Roman Saint Benoit chapel was built in the 11th century.

At the Vernade castle, where the Town Hall is now located, you will find a 16th century round tower and a beautiful spiral staircase. The De la Motte Castle, which is from the end of the 15th century (at least the oldest parts), and the Rochemure castle in the Landes valley (with its magnificent chapel) are both private residences.

Right in the village centre, the 16th century houses facades create a very harmonious feeling.

Nearby, the various hamlets (Joux, Montcouquiol, La Rouvière) have kept their authentic character.

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