In the Renaissance period, the old medieval fortress was turned into a comfortable residence by Louis XI’s chamberlain, Jean de Daillon, and each generation contributed to its stunning beauty as the centuries passed. Nowadays, the Château of Le Lude displays 6 centuries of French architecture. The Château of Le Lude is listed “Monument Historique” and its gardens have the “jardin remarquable” label given by the Department of Culture. As a stately home, there has always been a family residing here, which explains why visitors will discover not only a large monumental château, but also a friendly one, still alive today. This creates an atmosphere that is unusual in lots of Châteaux of the Loire Valley. What’s more, cultural events take place each year and contribute to its fame. 50 years ago, the château first opened its doors to the public, regularly restoring and adding in prestigious rooms in the Château for the visitors. Prices Adult: 8.50€ Child (7 - 15yrs): 4.00€

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