Colline Notre-Dame du Haut

13, rue de la chapelle 70250 Ronchamp
13, rue de la chapelle 70250 Ronchamp
The Chapel of Ronchamp (in Franche-Comté), is a place of high historical, artistic and spiritual value.

Le Corbusier built a chapel there in 1955, which since July 2017 has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Jean Prouvé realized a campanile in the 1970s and recently, in 2011, Renzo Piano works on the hill. Thus was born the harmonious architectural ensemble consisting of the monastery of St. Clair, the Porterie, the campanile and the chapel Notre-Dame du Haut.

All these contemporary architectures belong to a natural environment of exception. The panorama extends over the four horizons: to the north with a unique view of the Vosges balloons, to the east on the Belfort Hole, to the south on the first Jura summits and to the west on the valley of the Saône.

The hill is a place of Marian pilgrimage of centuries, the two most important of which are held on August 15 and September 8, the day of the Assumption and the birth of the Virgin. Since 2009 a community of Sisters (Sainte Claire) lives on the hill and provides a permanent spiritual presence.

Since 1799 the site is private. It belongs today to the Association for the Work of Notre-Dame du Haut (AONDH, association law 1901) which ensures the maintenance and the management.
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